BHC Master Catalog Vol. 4.2

Notice of List Price Increase

Over 15,000 SKUs

Log Lighters

Closet Flange Supports

Faucets and Drinking Fountain Bubblers

Deluxe Pipe Saw

Hand Water Pump w/ 6′ Discharge Hose

Shoe Covers & Coveralls

Cast Iron Sewer Box

Marking Paint


Shower Pan Membrane

Two Piece Closet Flange Repair Ring

Sewer Relief Valves

Waternity® Decorative Shower Heads

Dual-Tite and Multi-Tite Gaskets

Need Pipe Sweating Supplies?

Pipe Joining and Marking Supplies

Waternity Air Switch Buttons & Kits

Closet Flange Repair Ring (FRR)

Frost-Proof Yard Hydrant